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It’s not about the money

It's not about the money

“People  want to make money. However, it is not money they are really after. It is the things that money can buy and the freedom of time to do what they really want. While someone may think this is an insignificant difference,it is actually the reason so many people never become wealthy.” Bob Proctor

” Expenses rise to meet income” Parkinson’s Law of Money

This video will explain you how?

What does this law signify?
The mind lures us into this behavior pattern by telling us that the more we want, the more we’ll get, and the more we get, the happier we’ll be. The truth is that the more we want now, the more we’ll want in the future. Human beings are creatures of habit. The more we behave in a certain way today, the more we’ll behave that way in the future. So if we water the seeds of desire now, we won’t magically just wake up at some point and say, “ I suddenly have fewer desires.” In reality, the amount we water the seeds of desire today will dictate how much larger and thirstier the plants of desire will be tomorrow.

So what’s the freedom of time and how to create it? For that purpose I will simplify the things a little bit. There is a concept called “E S B I” explained in the figure followed with explanation by the Author himself i.e. Robert Kiyosaki

Where you want to be in one of those four quadrants?

This concept is explained by Robert Kiyosaki in one of his books <a href=” where he elaborates this concept

So is creating time freedom or  creating wealth is easy?
There will be many obstacles on your journey to wealth, the only real obstacle is what you believe, think, and feel about money. Most of us were brought up with the concept “Seeing is Believing” which is a skeptical and negative view of life. We hear it our whole lives until it becomes a daily routine of our thought process without our even realizing it. People with wealthy mindset understand that this concept is exactly backward – you must believe in what you can achieve before you will see it happening in your real life.They know that “Believing is Seeing.” The only thing that separates a billionaire from you is a wealthy mindset and the cornerstone of that mindset is belief.

The wealthy people understand that wealth is an ongoing process. It is not a destination you arrive at one day and then stop. It is not at all accomplished overnight – although it can occur in a short period of time.

“If you gain wealth before you have gained a wealthy mindset then you are in danger of losing that wealth forever.”Bob Proctor

We have all heard of those that win the lottery or jackpots only to be  penniless a few years later. Since they were never taught to think wealthy, they have very meager chance of achieving wealth that lasts long and eventually they lose what money they have.

Kessel  Brent in his book ” It’s not about the money” writes that

Kessel Brent

“The predominant message in our culture is that it’s all about the money—that more money or a different set of financial circumstances will bring us the freedom to stop worrying and just enjoy life. But many people remain stuck in the same financial predicament, even though they’ve tried everything they know to get ahead. No matter what your balance sheet looks like, you probably already suspect that there has to be a way to make the lasting, profound changes in your financial life that you crave, or you wouldn’t have picked up this book.
One reason most people aren’t happy with their financial lives is that the ways we have traditionally been taught to deal with money simply don’t work. We are told to spend less, to save more, to think positive thoughts that will create the abundance we want, or to find the perfect career. We set goals, create budgets, put all the right insurance in place, write updated wills and estate plans, and invest in a certain way. Though important, these actions aren’t enough. The reason? They approach money from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.

Whether we hoard, splurge, or give it all away, we perpetually repeat ineffective behavior patterns with money because we are accustomed to specific states of being where money is concerned. We are used to a particular level of anxiety or calm, craving or avoidance,scarcity or abundance. And no matter what changes occur in our outer circumstances, the unconscious mind, if it remains unexamined, untrained,and unconnected to our spirit, will recreate those old, familiar circumstances in our financial life.

So what’s the lesson of this? Creating wealth by building an asset is the only way to achieve time and money freedom both because it’s not about the money.

Happy Independence Day


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