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How Superhit Movies Keep You Broke

You probably saw the movie Titanic. If you haven’t then I must say you’re one of the last people on earth who hasn’t. In fact, that movie is one of the highest grossing films ever released.

Why? Because it gratifies the fear-based, lack-centered, and limiting beliefs that most people have about money and success. Titanic programs you on many different levels that it is noble to be poor, rich people are immoral, and money is bad. And the more you liked that movie, the more stupid-conscious programming you have.I think it’s the most evil movie ever made.

“Come on,” you say. “It’s just a love story.” “We know it isn’t real.”

The first scene of the movie starts with happy-go-lucky Jack. Now why is he happy-go-lucky? Because he’s poor. He’s only on the cruise because he won the trip in a card game. So the first lesson we learn is that poor people are harum-scarum and untroubled. Just think about all the problems rich people have.

In scene two, we meet Rose. Now Rose is obviously not happy. Why? Because she has to marry the rich boring guy. If you remember, her mother warns her to suck it up and go through with the wedding for the sake of the family. So the second lesson we learn is that you have to sell your soul and happiness for money. As the movie unfolds, another critical scene shows Rose eating in the first class dining room. She is surrounded by all these dreary,stodgy, rich people who are sipping brandy, smoking cigars, and blithering inanely about polo matches and superficial nonsense.

Jack tells Rose, “Come on down to third class and I’ll show you how to party” Next, the movie goes back to the poor people, who of course are singing, dancing, and having fun,showing us how much better and more fun they are to be around than those ponderous, nasty rich people.

What’s the subconscious programming here? Rich people are no fun. Poor people are the only ones you want to hang out with. And if you want to be accepted and fit in with them,then you most certainly are better off being a poor person.

Then the ship hits the iceberg . . .

Rich people try to sneak into lifeboats or bribe their way on. Rose’s wealthy fiancé even snatches a baby from its mother’s arms in an effort to catch a ride. So can you imagine the subconscious reaction impressioned upon your mind as you watch some selfish rich guy steal a baby from its mother to save his own ass?

To the end of the movie, Rose is now about 80 years old. Rose has a necklace worth about $40 million,which she could give to her granddaughter and set her up for life. What does she do with it?She feeds it to the sharks!

Level, after level, after level, this movie subconsciously programs you that money is bad, rich people are evil, and it is good, even spiritual, to be poor. And nothing could be further from the truth.

 Just one movie? Well, let’s look at a few more blockbusters. Take Spiderman, for example. In the first Spiderman, who was the despicable villain? The billionaire rich guy. By the way, who was the villain in The Fantastic Four, Alien, and almost every Bond movie ever made? The rich guy. But back to our web-weaving meliorist.

Remember when poor Peter Parker finally met up with the girl next door whom he had secretly worshipped for years? They each go to throw the garbage out at the same time. Their eyes meet. She begins talking to Peter, and the sparks start flying. Then what happens? The rich kid pulls up in his brand new car, which his evil, rich daddy just bought him for his birthday. The girl shrills with delight,drops Peter along with the garbage, hops into the car, and they drive off, leaving Peter despised, dejected, and alone. On a subconscious level, how do you think that makes you feel about rich people?

There’s even a part in the movie when Peter’s uncle says the most famous stupidly overwhelming words ever spoken:

“We may not be rich, but at least we’re honest.”

Ever heard anything more moronic like that? What does that really mean? Let me tell you: “Be glad you are poor. That means you are honest, noble, —because rich people lie, cheat, and steal.”

That’s why something you may have heard from a parent or teacher when you were 10 could be impacting your core beliefs 20,30, even 40 years later. When you are young and easily influenced,things you hear from people in authority create an unerasable effect on you.

Now why was Peter’s uncle raising him? Because he was an orphan. What could grab your heart more than a poor little orphan? So Spiderman was an orphan. Come to think of it, so was Batman, Superman, Harry Potter.

Do you detect a pattern here?

You may be starting to wonder whether this is a conspiracy among writers to falsify. It isn’t. They are infected with the same stupid preconceived ideas and don’t even know they are replicating them. Like the original, Spiderman 2 was riddled with subliminal programming to reinforce negative mind sabotaging programs which, coincidentally,ensured it would be another smash hit worldwide.


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